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Thor was on TV the other day. Though it was an admirable attempt, I think they didn’t quite capture Thor. It made me think of this:

But why, if you were a Norse god, would you be needing to leave the country by means of a scheduled airline? Surely there were other means? Dirk rather thought that one of the perks of being an immortal divine might be the ability to fly under your own power. From what he remembered of his reading of the norse legends many years ago, the gods were continually flying all over the place, and there was never any mention of them hanging around in departure lounges eating crummy buns. Admittedly, the world was not, in those days, bristling with air-traffic controllers, radar, missile-warning systems and such like. Still a quick hop across the North Sea shouldn’t be that much of a problem for a god, particularly if the weather was in your favor, which, if you were the God of Thunder, you would pretty much expect it to be, or want to know the reason why. Should it?[1]

Ain’t that the truth.
Now I’m in the mood for pizza. I hope they deliver around here.


[1] Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (1988;New York, 1990), 183.