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Something a little different this time. This is about the wonderful film “The Tree of Life.” The “quote” this time is the opening scene, which for me was one of the most poignant parts. The film is a religious work, already indicated in the opening quote from the book of Job:

Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? …When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?[1]

For me, it’s a film about love, childhood and family. It’s also a more spiritual journey, about tests of faith, reconciliation and forgiveness. Woven through that is Malick’s account of Genesis, leading from the moment of Creation into the main character’s childhood.

As the opening quote shows, this is not a movie about answers, but a film about questions – it asks the viewer not only to think, like complex narratives sometimes do, but to contemplate. I’m curious what other people think of it – comment below, yes?

Lastly, this film is not only visually stunning, but the visual component is full of meaning. Text and dialogue is sparse, and meaning is communicated through imagery. So while I can tell you a lot about it, the best thing to do is watch this film.

The following excerpt is the opening scene; it lays out the major themes of the movie – family, childhood, and also the idea of a “way of nature” and a “way of grace,” which in my mind are represented by the father (Pitt) and the mother (Chastain). Other ideas?

[Edit: Here was a small clip of the opening scene of the film; but Fox did not agree with that and said video was removed from the internet. I’m pretty sure the movie is available all over the internet, so I guess you could Google it. Sorry.]

[1] Job 38:4,7.